No School Left Behind: Why Upfitting Now Can Save Your Institution Later

Tuitions are rising, technology is king, and kids are smarter than the teacher when it comes to innovative technology in the classroom. Don’t get left behind. The competition for students is only going to get fiercer as budgets tighten, technology advances, and students have more options for learning. So how can you compete in today’s educational environment?

In the Classroom

Because most K-12 and college institutions only upgrade technology every two years, many are ill-equipped to handle the ever-changing digital space. The right incremental technology plan can change that. From interactive whiteboards, to document cameras, HD video/audio to teacher/student audio enhancement for both onsite and remote access, implementing technology by steps is easy as 1-2-3 with the right design and certified experts who can guide you along the way.

Around the School

If you’ve ever been in almost any school, you’ve noticed that the paging system is typically garbled and incomprehensible. Not so with today’s technology. From paging and intercom systems to announcements, emergency notifications, bells, plus IP and analog solutions, the right technicians with the most advanced technology make everything clear as a, well, bell.

Across Campus or Across the Country

Many students now go to school via satellite or in-home technology. In order to accommodate the every-changing needs of the modern student, it’s important to have technology that can beam effectively into their school space. From live broadcast satellite TV to a digital media library, media distribution, school plays, digital signage, and school messaging, keep all of your students in the know with a fully integrated collaborating system.

Specialty Areas Around the School

In order to effectively communicate with the entire institution, a properly installed and maintained communications system is imperative. From auditoriums to cafeterias, ball fields, conference rooms, labs, and training rooms, upfitting your AV to accommodate the growing needs of your student body is critical. Don’t trust your AV and Cabling needs to a company that doesn’t offer design, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Use a highly trained design and installation team that includes Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and certified technicians that have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the comprehensive cabling and AV needs of the education industry.

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