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If you’ve been in a hospital or doctors’ office lately, you’ve seen the effect technology is having within the workspace. Doctors are using electronic charts, flat screens are in the waiting rooms, and massive amounts of data are now being stored on computers rather than in files. Not to mention, with HIPPA concerns, hospitals have to ensure that all of their systems are virtually impenetrable from hackers and other organizations. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and diagnostic offices expect to spend over 100 billion dollars on IT products next year. Included in this is the need for robust structured cabling to accommodate all of that data, as well as integrated and collaborative technology to display it properly.

Robust and Sterile Cabling for Hospitals

Cabling can be found in nearly every inch of a hospital or clinic. But because of safety and biohazard concerns, partner with a technology company that has the installation expertise to take your clean environment into account. We’ll help ensure your hospital maintains code compliance, uses color coding for easy access, and use green dot certified power cables in critical, ‘patient care areas’. The health of your patients depends on it.

Teaching Auditoriums, Paging Systems, and Conference Rooms

In teaching hospitals with auditoriums and conference rooms, crystal clear microphones and electronic white boards are necessary for the most effective communications with students. The right AV and Cabling solution makes all the difference when you’re pitching new technology or new products. Plus, hospital paging systems have to be crystal clear. When choosing a technology company, choose one with access to state-of-the-art integrated technology like paging and intercom systems announcements, emergency notifications and alarms are easily heard above the fray in everyday medical situations.

Second Opinions via Satellite

For difficult cases, doctors sometimes consult other professionals across the country and across the world. To do that effectively, hospitals use satellite TVs and big screens in hospital conference rooms and transmit massive amounts of data to and from other systems. The safety and security of the patient information is paramount, so robust cabling, AV, and IT solutions, plus secure enterprise monitoring system are a must.

Waiting Rooms Upgrades

Healthcare facilities are taking proactive steps to make waiting rooms more inviting. From multiple flat screen TVs running both adult and child programming to digital signage communicating patient status, to intercom and paging systems with flawless communication, being in a waiting area has never been more comfortable or advanced.

Nurses Station Communications

Prior to digital tracking boards in hospitals and bigger practices, nurses updated boards manually, slowing down efficiency and increasing the risk of patient mistakes and communication breakdowns. Choose an IT company that offers synchronized clocks, interactive digital directory signage, and state-of-the-art digital whiteboards that allow nurses and doctors to track patients faster, turn beds faster, and allow more time for patient interaction and comfort.

Enterprise Monitoring and Data Storage for HIPPA Compliant Hospitals

The security of patient records and information is critical in any medical or healthcare setting. With the right enterprise monitoring and secure data facility, you can prevent attacks before they happen. Downtime can be a matter of life and death. Integral’s enterprise monitoring services targets the root causes before degradation of service occurs and reduces the time to resolve network, system and application issues. And when you’re choosing a data center, find one that’s engineered to exceed 99.999% availability, offering uncompromised data management and security solutions to protect your business.

Trust your AV and Cabling to a company that offers design, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Also, ensure you partner with a highly trained design and installation team that includes Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and certified technicians. They should have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the comprehensive AV and Cabling needs of the healthcare industry.

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