Innovative Cabling/AV Solutions in the Manufacturing Sector

In order to stay competitive in a global economy, modern manufacturing has to drive its innovation and technology to keep pace with other industries. As the eighth largest economy worldwide, the manufacturing sector must constantly increase productivity without sacrificing profit or availability. Many facilities have discovered that by using the proper technology, they can spend less energy per unit or dollar of production and, in turn, produce greater ROI.

Cabling in the Office and on the Floor

In a large manufacturing facility, cabling is not just a necessity within conference rooms and offices, it’s also a must out on the floor of the facility itself. A team of cabling technicians should do a detailed assessment of each facility to determine which cabling solution works best for the business. This highly trained design and installation team should include Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and certified technicians that have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the complex cabling of the manufacturing sector.

Communications Cabling Infrastructure

A critical component of establishing the cabling infrastructure is ensuring that it’s installed away from high-energy equipment, making sure it’s shielded properly and ensuring that the process is working as it should be. Installing cabling incorrectly in an office is unfortunate, but it could be disastrous in a high-output manufacturing facility.

Fiber Optics

Fiber is a sensible choice in manufacturing because there’s less signal-loss when moving data. Fiber is also immune to EMG interference – a significant problem for metal wires.

Testing and Certification

Proper testing and certification by your cabling experts is crucial to the network because a good technician will certify that the cabling operates at an optimal level and the environmental impact is known and expected.

Security Connectivity for Cameras and Surveillance Video

While cameras are important for the security of a facility, they’re even more important when it comes to watching the process on the floor to ensure the product deploys properly. Many manufacturing facilities use cameras as another piece of quality assurance for their plants.

Other cabling needs to be addressed when outfitting a facility:

  • Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Controls and Door-Access Cabling
  • CATV Infrastructure-Coax or IPTV
  • Industry-Leading Copper Certification Equipment (Including Augmented Category 6)
  • Fiber Fusion Splicers for Installation and Repair
  • Wireless Networking Design and Implementation

Throughout the Facility

In order to effectively communicate with the entire facility, a properly installed and maintained communications system is imperative. To be heard above the fray of tools and machines, it’s critical to have a paging system that’s completely clear. From paging and intercom systems to announcements, emergency notifications, bells, plus IP and analog solutions, the right technicians with the most advanced technology can change the way you hear everything.

In the Conference Room

Modern manufacturing facilities come complete with modern conference rooms. And part of innovating is being able to collaborate through video anytime, anywhere. Multiple documents across multiple locations means technology that’s just as mobile as the user. From interactive white boards to document cameras, HD video for both onsite and remote access, live broadcast satellite TV, media distribution, and digital signage, keep all of your employees in the know with a fully integrated collaborating system.

The Bottom Line

In dealing with manufacturing, you must have an effective collaboration between the design engineers and the actual manufacturing process – not everybody is on site all of the time. Having a seamless way to communicate between offices is imperative. It’s critical for any manufacturing facility to ensure that employees and staff are able to communicate and learn from each other. Whether that’s someone working on the line or the president of the company, staying connected is the best way to stay profitable. When you’re choosing a technology company for all of your cabling and AV needs, look to one who offers other services as well. The right company will have solutions that also encompass the entire network of an organization. Solutions that monitor, protect, and innovate on behalf of their client.

Trust your AV and Cabling to a company that offers design, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. A highly trained design and installation team has the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the comprehensive AV and Cabling needs of the manufacturing industry.

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