7 Ways to Secure Your Network.

Is Your Business Open for Attack?

In the age of the Internet and the advent of cloud-based business, network security is the most critical factor your organization should consider when protecting your data. How does network security help you? By decreasing your chances of an attack on multiple fronts. From SPAM to phishing, to social engineering, understanding how you’re at risk will go a long way in securing your business.

Every business with any type of network should be concerned with security. Networks, both large and small, move data from one location to another, often across the globe or to remote computers or people. These types of connections can expose potential vulnerabilities. It’s critical to align yourself and your business with the right security partner to protect your data and your business.

Cloud, social media, smart devices and other technology innovations present your company with new opportunities to collaborate with customers and partners. However, they also give determined adversaries new avenues to steal your hard earned intellectual property, wreak havoc on your IT systems, and potentially harm your company.

7 Simple Things You Can Do Today:

1. Set Stronger Passwords
This little change can bring big results. Never use your birthday, your kid’s birthdays, your own name or any other easily accessible personal information for your password. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols between 8 and 12 characters long. Be sure to change your password every 90 days.

2. Acquire Security Controls
If you business doesn’t have a firewall and good antivirus protection, you’re putting yourself and your employees at risk. An effective firewall will monitor all of your online traffic, while your anti-virus and anti-malware programs help prevent attacks. Updating these programs on a regular basis will also help protect you against new and emerging threats.

3. Encrypt Your Data
All of your data on any of your devices should be encrypted. The data should also be password protected so that if your device is compromised, it will be hard to access the stored information.

4. Surf the Web Safer
Don’t open any email attachments or click on any links until you’ve confirmed the address is legit, or you receive the information from a trusted, vetted source. Always screen any attachments before downloading.

5. Audit Your Security
Hiring a professional IT company to audit all of your security controls, at least once a year, is a wise idea. A respected company will be able to identify problem areas, leaks, security risks and more, and make recommendations on how to resolve your issues. They can also establish a back-up system to help you recover lost information in the event of an attack.

6. Back-up Your Data
Establishing an effective back-up plan is a critical component of any business continuity plan. It’s important that all of your documents are backed up on a regular basis, so that if there’s ever an event, you can recover your information almost immediately.

7. Train Your Employees
How well trained are your employees? Do they know how to spot a phishing email or know not to click on a suspicious link? Are they using their own devices to put data on your network? These questions and more must be answered in order to get a good handle on how well your IT department is doing in securing your network. If you can’t confidently say that all of your employees are trained and aware of the vulnerabilities of your network, then security awareness training could be the most valuable thing you ever do for you business.

Preparation is Key in Network Security

Your security is only as good as the people using your network. If you and your employees don’t know the many ways that you are vulnerable, then the most secure network in the world won’t protect you. A good IT company will prepare your business for both internal and external threats.

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