Virtualization Services

We live in a world where virtualization is quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception. Compared to on-site IT Systems, Virtualization Services offer everything that on-site systems offers, but are more cost-effective, reliable, and secure. Whether your company’s needs have outgrown your current space, or you are replacing older equipment, contact Integral Solutions Group to see if virtualization is the right choice for your company.

Making the Decision to Go Virtual

  • How much downtime can my business afford if our on-site systems go down
    Recent studies estimate that one incident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for a small business, not including lost productivity, disruption of communications, or the inability to access critical systems.
  • What’s the maintenance, software, hardware and staff costs if I keep my on-site systems
    Small to mid-size organizations don’t have access to the vast technical backbones and infrastructures powering today’s High-Availability Data Centers with 99.999% availability.

Migrate Your On-site Operation to a Virtualization Solution

How do you decide which Virtualization Service Provider you should be migrating your IT Infrastructure to? Your options are typically the lower-priced, impersonal, ‘Box Store’ mega-giants or a local, highly experienced provider like Integral Solutions Group. The out-of-the-box solution doesn’t provide the one-on-one expertise that Integral Solutions Group does. We will customize your Virtualization Solution to perfectly fit your organization’s business needs.

Experience the Only Commercially Available Tier IV Data Center in South Carolina

Using a local provider has multiple benefits for companies looking to ensure the most reliable, secure, and affordable environment. Integral Solutions Group’s Virtualization Services are housed in a Data Center facility that far exceeds the uptime and reliability of most if not all of its Southeastern competitors.  We also ensure that the IT platforms your business systems are running on state-of-the art, IT industry-leading systems.

The Advantages of Integral Solution Group’s Virtualization Services:

  • Wholly Owned, Highly Secure/Available Tier IV Data Center with 99.999% availability
  • Industry Leading Server Hosting Technologies with No Single Point of Failure
  • Bundle or A La Carte Package Offerings
  • Latest Operating System and Client Access Licenses Included
  • Hosting Environment Monitored 24×365 by Live Network Operations Center Team
  • 24×365 Phone or Email Help Desk Support
  • Expert Integration Support in Migrating, Building and Supporting Your Hosted Servers
  • Dedicated Virtual Server Customer Network
  • Virtual Server Managed Backup Services Available
  • Virtual Server Managed Replication Available
  • Virtual Server Quick Restore for Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Fast Virtual Server Provisioning
  • Additional Virtual Server Resources Quickly Provisioned
  • Virtual Server Monitoring, Anti-Virus, Patching and Server Management Available

To learn more about Virtualization Services, call an Integral Solutions Group expert at 1.800.975.6060 today.

Let us tailor a solution for you