Business Continuity

At Integral Solutions Group, we understand that business continuity is about more than just data. We offer consulting services to help you put your business continuity plan in place. A business continuity plan goes beyond disaster recovery to incorporate personnel assignments, production continuity, and business functionality, with the goal of maintaining your company’s presentation to the public, while also serving the needs of your staff during and following a disaster. A thorough business impact analysis can be a critical tool in ensuring business continuation and continuity of services.

Business Continuity Center

Available for our clients, Integral Solutions Group’s Business Continuity Center was built to help clients meet the growing business demands for uptime. The facility is South Carolina’s only Tier IV Data and Business Continuity Center and one of the Southeast’s highest commercially available facilities. With fully furnished and connected cubicles, executive offices, and conference rooms, Integral’s Business Continuity area offers a traditional office setting while client facilities are reestablished. Cubicles and offices can be preconfigured to receive existing extensions seamlessly.

Integral’s cold storage space offers a secure and environmentally controlled room for storage of business continuity equipment.

Utilizing Integral Solutions Group’s Business Continuity Center affords businesses the time and resources to recover efficiently and cost effectively.

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