Be Ready Before Disaster StrikesIdentify Companies That Offer Complete Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery affects more than just homes. It affects thousands of business across the country every year. It’s more than hurricanes, tornadoes and floods – it’s power outages, server malfunctions, data losses and more. So what do you do when disaster strikes? You call a company that specializes in disaster recovery and business continuity. Why? Because with the right disaster recovery solution, you can weather any storm.

Shield your Data from Disaster

When you’re looking for a company that can help in a disaster, look for one that has a freestanding commercially available Data Center and is engineered to exceed 99.999% availability so you receive the highest level of mission critical equipment uptime, performance, and security. Almost any data center will allow you have a tour so that you can see what’s available. Look for a facility that offers full racks, half racks, custom configurable floor space, and electrical redundancies to better ensure it can meet your expectation, plus ensure there are highly trained technicians at the facility’s Network Operations Center, to offer experienced advice and technical skill.

Look for the Best in Business Continuity

One of the best ways to avert a disaster is to plan for it. Disasters come in two forms – natural and man-made. No matter how it happens, is your business prepared? Do your employees and customers know what to expect? Integral Solutions Group can help you go beyond the traditional disaster plan by helping you develop a precise business continuity strategy. This level of planning lets you continue to serve your customers with minimal downtime. Should you lose infrastructure, for example from a fire or flood, you need a business continuity center that gives you a temporary place to work with little or no interruption.

Trust your data and security to a company that offers uncompromising data management and security solutions to protect your business. To learn more about identifying the right solution for your company, call Integral Solutions Group at 1-800-975-6060 to speak with any of our certified experts.

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