Choosing a technology partner for your email hosting solutions is a critical decision for your company. You want to ensure that the IT professionals that you choose offer a safe, secure, dedicated virtual server environment with 24/7 availability, 365 days a year. When your email goes down, so does your profit margin. By keeping your email up and running, you can focus on keeping your business up and growing.

Service & Support

With the ‘box store’ cloud email-hosting providers, if each of your staff members wants one-on-one, on the phone, personal help, it’s probably not going to happen. In most cases, only one individual can call in. And they in turn have to help the rest of your staff. This requires your company to bear the cost of having someone in-house, who at the very least, has to divide their time between the job they should be doing and providing in-house mail IT support.

With the right IT partner you can be sure that every single user gets 24x7x365 one-on-one, on the phone, personal help. If you’ve chosen the right company, there’s no need to have someone in-house provide your staff with email support. And that includes any mobile device that your staff may want their email on.

Single Sign-On

Love single sign-on? It makes life so much easier than having to remember a bunch of different usernames and passwords. Can you keep it that way with the ‘box store’ cloud email hosting providers? Well, not ‘out-of-the-box.’ To get that same single sign-on experience, you have to call an IT person. Yes, you’ll need to add a level of complexity you were probably not expecting when you signed up for that inexpensive, supposed ‘set it and forget it’ ‘box store’ email service.

With the right technology professionals running the show, single sign-on will continue to be your mantra. A proficient IT company will make your cloud email experience the same as if that mail server were sitting in your office. No added complexity for you to deal with. They should handle everything and you can just sit back and work.


Ever live in an apartment complex? Did the tenant next door annoy you with their loud music because your walls were paper-thin? Well, that is a good way to describe what the ‘box store’ cloud email-hosting environment is like. Yes, your email is in an apartment complex with thin walls. So the question you might now ask is: What about my confidential email data? Is it really as secure as I thought it was with all those other tenants snooping around?

If your IT partner is worth its salt, they will be fanatically concerned about the security of your email. So you can throw those anxious thoughts right out the window. Your email is in its own concrete silo. Totally isolated. Your email watchdog will take full responsibility to integrate it with your Active Directory security so only you decide who gets to see your email.


Ever wonder where your email data is actually located? With the ‘box store’ cloud email-hosting providers, you don’t. It could be in India today and England tomorrow. Does that concern you? Does it feel like you’ve lost control of your email? Well, to some extent, you have when you sign up for that low cost ‘box store’ offering. Wouldn’t it make you feel a whole lot better to know you could drive to where your email is located?

Find a partner in the United States that you can count on. And who is available when you need them. A live person, not a robot. There are several data centers in the Southeast that offer the most sophisticated and secure environment in the region. And if they’re reputable they can show you exactly where your email is located within the Data Center. Ask a ‘box store’ email provider to do that!

But does that mean that is the only place we keep your data? What if there was a hurricane or something? The right partner will not only have your email and a backup of that same email data at our Data Center, but should also send your email to another geographic location every day to ensure you’ll never be without your email.

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