Data Management Services

Information is the heartbeat of any business and data backups are an essential part of a enterprise’s successful disaster recovery plan. If critical data is lost, it could spell the collapse of your venture. That’s why at Integral Solutions Group we offer a flexible suite of managed backup solutions to fit your specific backup and recovery requirements.

DMS Basic: Cost-effective Managed Backup Solution

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, a significant data loss can severely impact your business. But when you implement our file-based backup solution, you will alleviate most common day-to-day data loss scenarios. If you need the ability to tailor the files you back up, we recommend our DMS Basic file-based backup solution. You’ll minimize data storage clutter, save money, and only back up what you really need.

DMS Plus: Robust Backup and Recovery Solution

Experiencing the loss of a critical server and then trying to rebuild it from scratch can have a giant impact on your business. Some businesses experience this kind of loss and don’t ever recover. We can help prevent that. With Integral Solutions Group’s fully managed, image-based backup solution, DMS Plus, you can quickly recover critical physical or virtual servers temporarily on our ‘purpose-built’, backup appliance at your office. Then, we can get that failed server fully restored back to production with either the local backup or with the replicated copy at our Tier IV Data Center. And we do it in a fraction of the time it would take using a traditional file-based backup.

DMS Premium: Comprehensive Business Continuity Solution

No company wants downtime, especially a company whose customers and clients depend on uptime. That is why our DMS Premium service moves beyond a typical backup and recovery solution by putting the focus on Business Continuity. With our DMS Premium services, each backup and server is prepared for instant local recovery. Beyond that, this world-class solution also includes replication to offsite Data Center locations within the US where a cloud recovery environment is built, monitored, and tested daily for integrity and recoverability. Whether you’re faced with a common server failure or a total site loss, Integral Solutions Group’s DMS Premium solution has you covered.

DMS Cloud to Cloud: Office 365 and Google Apps Backup and Recovery Solution

Have you moved some or all of your data to Office 365 or Google Apps? Are you concerned about that data being backed up properly? Who do you call to restore it? We can help. By subscribing to Integral Solutions Group’s Cloud to Cloud managed backup services, you can rely on Integral Solutions Group to make sure your mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint and Office Apps data are fully protected and ready to be restored 24 x 7 x 365.


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