VoIP/Video Solutions

With today’s hyper-converged networks, it is imperative to have a partner that understands the whole as well as the parts. With IP phones, video conferencing, and networked branch offices all working concurrently under one roof, it is critical to have an adequately designed, properly implemented, and continuously monitored network.

Integral Solutions Group is South Carolina’s premier provider of networked voice solutions. Integral’s long-time partnerships with Cisco, Avaya, Spirit, and AT&T provide us with the experience and relationships to design, implement, and support your voice, video, and networking needs. It is no longer effective to plan for voice, video, and networking individually. We have the expertise to orchestrate and execute a multi-technology, multi-vendor plan when you need it.

Whether you’re planning to implement a new solution, upgrade a current solution, or need support for an existing solution, our experienced team will work with you to assess the benefits and risks presented by your current solution and whether it makes sense to plan for a change. Beyond finding a partner to “make it work,” Integral is a partner focused on enabling your organization’s success. Our experience across all aspects of networking and communication helps us lead your organization forward.

Let us tailor a solution for you