Security Awareness Training

Integral Solutions Group offers businesses both individual and group training geared towards helping employees understand the various ways in which a company is digitally vulnerable. We then tailor Security Program solutions to educate your employee on the many ways they can help keep your company safe from attack.

Cloud, social media, smart devices and other technology innovations present your company with new opportunities to collaborate with customers and partners. However, they also give determined adversaries new avenues to steal your hard earned intellectual property, wreak havoc on your IT systems, and potentially harm your company’s reputation.

Cybersecurity is a primary business challenge that every company should address. But combating this threat is much more than just installing a ‘Security Band-Aid’ like a firewall. Instead, you should view Cybersecurity for what it really is, a Security Program.

A well-crafted Security Program is only as good as the humans that are using it. An IT department can create a rock-solid environment for employees to work in, but if an employee clicks on an email or link that contains any kind of malware, spyware, or a virus, no amount of security will stop the attack. At ISG, we train your employees to spot the traps before they fall into them. If your company is going to succeed in combating this next generation of Cybersecurity attacks, then you need to also address the growing threats that are squarely focused on your users through social engineering tactics.

But how do you accomplish this? Through implementing an ongoing, comprehensive program of User Security Awareness Training.

With Integral’s security awareness training methodology, your entire staff will come to appreciate that effective Cybersecurity is more of a continuous team effort.

Our web-based interactive training combines:

  • Live demos
  • Personalized emails
  • Randomized fictitious phishing attacks
  • Common traps

Through short tests and scenario-based exercises, ISG will help to train your employees to easily spot Cybersecurity threats and avoid them. In the mean time, take a look at some of these key Social Engineering red flags to be aware of.

To learn more about the importance of Security Awareness Training for your organization, please call any of our Integral Solutions Group highly trained IT specialists at 1-800-975-6060 and secure your company today.

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