Success Story: Fuji


Fuji North America has been a loyal Integral customer for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve provided copper and optical fiber communications infrastructure, camera and surveillance systems, and more. Currently, we provide innovative solutions for infrastructure as their business and product offerings evolve.


Fuji currently uses a complex and critical fiber optics network in each of the seven plants on their campus using Integral when implementing upgrades and expansions in their facilities. Due to the unique nature of the facilities, we’ve spent a great deal of time designing customized infrastructure for their operations. A specific challenge is their many high hazard areas and sophisticated security systems that require work to be scheduled around the availability of certain facilities. Hazardous work areas required confined-space procedures and equipment to ensure work safety is a priority.


Over the last ten years, our ongoing partnership with Fuji has allowed them to use us on demand, thereby streamlining their vetting process by calling us directly for infrastructure services. Ultimately, we’ve saved them time and energy by allowing them to leverage our skills as needed and removing the burden of not taking on the engineering process themselves.

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