Success Story: Hubbell Lighting


Hubbell Lighting, a division of Hubbell Incorporated, offers a complete range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for nearly every industry and is North America’s largest manufacturer of residential lighting fixtures. Hubbell engaged ISG when they were relocating their facility from Spartanburg to the new state-of-the-art facility in the Millennium campus adjacent to CU-ICAR on the edge of I-85. They were seeking an innovative and cost-effective way to establish their Cabling and AV Infrastructure that would integrate seamlessly in their new building.


The Solution for Hubbell was two-fold. They needed Access Controls for their building and an overall Cabling Infrastructure and design.

Access Control:

The new Hubbell facility needed multiple cameras and Access Control at the entrances. So, we not only installed all of the cameras for the new building, but also installed Access Controls at the doors using biometrics (fingerprint scan).

Cabling Infrastructure Solution:

The building design for the new facility showcased exposed ceilings as part of its innovative design, so naturally they were very particular about what those ceilings looked like. The most innovative thing we did was the integrated pathway design. We used a single cable pathway for all of the intelligent building systems. How is that innovative? First of all, it saves money. If you think about the way a building is built – fire alarms, paging, security, access control, cabling and infrastructure, network, telephone are all different systems – so you end up hiring multiple contractors that are working in the ceiling for multiple installations. Allowing multiple pathways with multiple systems makes troubleshooting any specific issue almost impossible.

We helped Hubbell take an integrated approach using a single pathway, identifying the cables as they went in, determining their path, and keeping consistency in all the system pathways. So, now, within the ceilings, there’s a single pathway, everything’s clearly marked, and, if there’s a need, it’s easy to troubleshoot.


Because Hubbell engaged Integral prior to construction, we were able to bring our most innovative solutions to the table, giving us the flexibility to implement a unified cabling infrastructure. We were able to easily assess the best access controls for the building, and install the most appropriate equipment for each conference room. This type of proactive, strategic approach is the hallmark of what ISG can do for all of our clients. And Hubbell is a prime example of that approach in action.

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