Success Story: McElveen Automotive


McElveen Automotive is a family owned, Charleston-based auto dealership that was experiencing inconsistent email and system connectivity issues. They had been with another local IT firm but they were unable to establish a reliable service. Technology is used to educate customers on the various Buick and GMC models available, along with extensive detail on their features and wide-ranging options.

McElveen’s back office is responsible for performing more business responsibilities, and bandwidth requirements continue to increase to allow sales, dealership operations and service departments to operate smoothly. McElveen’s skilled mechanics and technicians utilize laptops and highly specialized wireless diagnostic tools to perform repairs and ensure the correct part is replaced and the automobile performs to manufacturer specifications.

Technology is also used to customize financing and insurance offerings that are designed to meet the unique requirements of each valued customer. What they needed was a full-service solution that could handle each of their technology demands with ease.


After a comprehensive technology assessment, we determined that they needed a Total Managed Service (TMS) for their business, plus a new server, hosted email solution and data protection services. By offering McElveen a total managed service (TMS), we accomplished a number of things. The TMS is a 24-hr monitoring of all their desktops and servers, plus it provides patch management, monitors errors, provides help desk assistance and proactively checks for ongoing issues.

They also had a deficient wireless network as well as a Hybrid POP system for their email that was not working properly. Within 24-hours of putting in the new system, they were receiving all of their emails without having to reboot the exchange server, and now they have the security and bandwidth they need to run an efficient system. Having this consistent monitoring allows us to alleviate potential chronic problems.

ISG is always working to ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency. Network systems are remotely monitored for errors or performance issues. Remote technical support and ISG’s remote network management team resolve issues and allow operations to continue uninterrupted. Enterprise hosted email ensures time-sensitive email is secured and quickly transmitted to the designated recipient.

Additionally, locally based integrators are onsite to deploy new technology to meet the growing demands of the business, and proprietary critical data is duplicated and backed up to ISG’s Tier IV data center. All the while, satisfied customers enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi as their automobiles are being prepared for delivery.

We are their comprehensive IT solution:

  • Total Managed Service (TMS)
  • Server
  • Hosted Email Solution
  • Data Protection Services


We reduced their call volume for email and server issues from 15 calls a day to less than 1. We also alleviated the need for additional headcount to handle their ongoing issues. We increased the productivity of their employees by reducing the number of IT calls, for an enhanced end-user experience.

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