Success Story: Resurgent Capital Services


Resurgent Capital Services is a manager and servicer of domestic and international consumer debt portfolios for credit grantors and debt buyers with offices in Greenville, SC and Cincinnati, OH. An Integral client of ten-plus years, Resurgent has continued to engage Integral to engineer and design their cabling infrastructure as their office locations have evolved over the course of many years. Recently, upon expanding their footprint to include a second office tower at the Liberty One location in downtown Greenville, Integral provided time-sensitive professional services that included infrastructure design as well as city permit coordination.


Resurgent gave Integral discretion in determining the most effective infrastructure design that incorporated secure pathways when transitioning to the adjacent building. Also, internal distribution and strand count considerations were designed to provide optimal performance. Once approved, Integral coordinated the installation and design in concert with the contractors’ up-fit schedule. Security concerns were addressed from project inception because Resurgent not only handles money, they also communicate sensitive customer information on a continual basis.


Through our close working relationship with Resurgent, an ongoing partnership has emerged. This partnership allows Resurgent to use Integral on demand when they have infrastructure changes. They are able to reach out directly, simplify the bidding and vetting process, and get the work done in a timelier manner. As a result, they have streamlined their efficiencies and engineering process.

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