Success Story: Trident Pain Center


Trident Pain Center offers a multi-disciplined approach to treating chronic back and neck pain allowing their patients to lead a more productive and pain-free life. Located in Charleston, South Carolina Trident came to ISG because they wanted to grow their practice. Before coming to work with us, they were using a small IT provider who couldn’t provide the network infrastructure and IT support that they would need with multiple locations.


We knew that in order to grow our company, upgrades were needed for both our computer network as well as IT Support. The decision to utilize the multitude of resources available with Integral Solutions Group has been instrumental in our growth and associated business successes. We appreciate all Integral has done for us.”

– Rienzi Simonetti

At ISG, we were able to offer them the expertise of our highly credentialed staff, scalability for future growth and room for expansion and meeting their more advanced technical needs. We put the new network infrastructure in place, including back-up solutions and Trident was up and running. Then, in March of 2016, they experienced a severe server outage that if not addressed immediately would require significant downtown and prevent patient treatment.


When Trident signed with Integral Solutions Group, ISG put a backup solution in place that would provide image level recovery of all the servers throughout the Trident network. Because of this proactive thinking, we received an immediate alert when the outage occurred and began researching the cause right away.

After identifying the cause, we initiated our disaster recovery process, recovered the server to a virtual machine, and were able to verify the data integrity, availability, and accuracy almost instantly. Once we were able to verify 100% functionality, we notified Trident that all services had been recovered and it was business as usual.


Because Integral Solutions Group was able to respond so quickly, implement technical procedures to treat the problem using the expertise of our trained staff, Trident Pain Center was able to resume normal treatment of patients the next day without interruption.

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