Network Security is one of the most pressing issues in Information Technology today. Exposure, hacking, viruses are at the front of every good IT professional’s mind every day. That’s why it’s so critical when choosing a technology partner to choose one that really understands the ins and outs of network security. It can be the difference between securing your business and losing it.

Intellectual Property and Corporate Espionage

One of the biggest threats to your network security is the people that work for you. And, the people that no longer work for you. Their goal is to open your network to obtain your passwords, financials, business plans and more to expose to the world, or use for their own gain. Security breeches and data loss can create a landslide of negative publicity that can ruin a business. Finding the right network security partner that will help in meeting demanding compliance regulations and who will supply the tools to best defend your network and your business is paramount to keeping your company safe.

Comprehensive Malware

The Trojan Horse is alive and kicking down your network. The most sophisticated malware programs disguise themselves as something innocuous, even helpful, and then attack your site and redirect to the websites associated with you. The result? A host of infected workstations, servers, websites and network devices. Every business that has any type of network should be concerned with security. Networks, both large and small, move data from one location to another, often across the globe or to remote computers or people. These types of connections allow for potential vulnerabilities. To help reduce your vulnerability and secure your system, it’s critical that you find the right technology partner to keep your network healthy.

The Internet and Your Website

An attacker will use your own website against you. If you have bad passwords, vulnerable software, lackadaisical permissions or development issues, your web servers are wide open for attack. Most of the time, the attack doesn’t happen directly on your website but rather within a link or banner ad. Stop the hack from even starting. Partner with a technology company that specializes in network security and who can help prepare your business for both internal and external threats. The right team can provide a useful and comprehensive analysis of your network and potential vulnerabilities.

There are a thousand different ways for someone to threaten your network. The right network security partner can help you prevent the attack from even starting. To learn more about potential threats to your network, call 1-800-235-0767 to speak to any of our network security specialists on call 24/7 just for you.

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