Cloud Services

Integral Solutions Group’s cloud computing solutions reduce capital investments and operating costs, improve productivity and increase uptime, all while creating a more elastic environment for business’ current and future needs. By reducing costly hardware infrastructure and pricey environmental maintenance costs, clients gain big savings and the ability to grow on demand.

Reliable Cloud Computing Environment

Integral’s secure and fully redundant cloud computing environment runs in the company’s wholly owned, state-of-the-art, Tier IV Data and Business Continuity Center. Engineered to exceed seven nines in availability, the data center is one of the Southeast’s foremost facilities. The environment is monitored and supported 24 x 365 by Integral’s knowledgeable and helpful staff. Whether supporting end users or application developers, experienced support staff provides advice and always keeps the client’s business objectives in mind.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Costs

Integral works with clients to create custom hosting architectures to meet specific application performance and availability requirements. We offer multiple solutions, including traditional, private and hybrid cloud computing platforms, to easily meet diverse needs. The flexibility of our cloud services ensures scalable, reliable solutions that support your business objectives both now and into the future. Development or production, Integral ensures the application is available with all the resources for maximized performance and minimized costs.

Private Clouds

Private clouds are built and maintained for one client. Private clouds can be managed internally or by an external IT company or other third party, and are made for internal company use.

Public Clouds

Public clouds provide additional cost benefits due to shared infrastructure and low-cost storage. Public clouds are accessible directly from the Internet, and can offer valuable solutions for multiple clients.

Hybrid Clouds

A combination of Private and Public clouds, Hybrid clouds feature some publicly hosted applications with additional internally hosted applications accessible only to specific users.

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