Network Security Solutions

Every business that has any type of network should be concerned with network security. Networks, both large and small, move data from one location to another, often across the globe or to remote computers or people. These types of connections allow for potential vulnerabilities. It’s critical to align yourself and your business with the right security partner to protect your business.

Which is where Integral Solutions Group can help. In today’s environment, every company requires protection against attacks and exposure. Security breeches and data loss can create a landslide of negative publicity that can ruin a business. The right partner can help prevent that. Whether you need help in meeting demanding compliance regulations, or just need industry best practices, we’ll supply the tools to best defend your network and your business.

Integral’s Security Services will prepare your business for both internal and external threats. With our complete security analysis tools and staff we provide useful and comprehensive analysis of your network and potential vulnerabilities. To learn more about how we can help secure your network, call any one of our network security specialists at 800.235.0767.

ISG Security Solutions:

  • Network Assessments – ISG Network Assessments give you a clear picture of your infrastructure by identifying equipment and potential bottlenecks, allowing you to develop an action plan.
  • Penetration Testing – ISG will help you uncover vulnerabilities in your network so corrective action can be taken to mitigate risk.
  • Risk Analysis – ISG will help you identify assets and threats so together we can develop appropriate actions and protections.
  • Policy Review – ISG will review current policies to help insure your procedures meet your security and IT goals.
  • Security Awareness – ISG will train you to understand the mechanisms behind spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, and social engineering and how they affect company security.
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